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Monday, November 30, 2015

Benefits of Hospital Automation

The Hospital Automation Solution is designed to provide convenienceand comfort to the patients. It includes products and solutions for the patient room and also the nursing staff. The nursing staff is an important part of any hospital. Hospital automation focuses to ease their work leading to increasing their efficiency.

Hospital Automation has a lot of benefits. It includes automation tools to address multiple patients, reduces manual efforts, decreased inefficiencies, etc.
Few automation products for the patients and the nursing staff are mentioned below:

Hospital Automaton Products:

Remote Controls: The remote control is designed for the convenience and comfort of the patients. It can be used to switch ON/OFF electrical devices in the room. For e.g.: lights, fans, etc. It is also helpful in adjusting temperature for ACs and also to open and close window curtains and blinds automatically.

Panic Buttons: A Panic Button is given besides the bed which can be used in case of an emergency. The pressing of the panic button will create an alarm and the patient will be attended immediately.

Patient Call Monitoring Feature: It is a feature designed for the nursing staff which displays the room numbers and time when the panic button is pressed by the patient. The advantage is that this feature can be viewed on a Smart App via a tablet or a smartphone which increases the response time of the nursing staff.

Service Help Desk Feature: This feature can be used by the patients to request services from housekeeping to facility management. The patient’s request can be viewed by the nursing staff and this would help them to cater to the patients need accordingly.

Task Management Feature: Tasks can be assigned to respective people with the help of the Smart App. This decreases the manual efforts of assigning tasks to a large number of people.

Safety and Security Management: Gas and Smoke Sensors are installed in the hospital for safety and security applications. To keep a note of its efficiency, they are integrated with the Smart App which provides the status of the sensors installed. The Smart App alerts the staff in case of any emergencies by sending out warning signals which helps the staff to deal with the situation accordingly.

Note: The Smart App services can be accessed remotely via internet.