Thursday, August 13, 2015

How lighting affects the aged

Lighting and proper illumination plays an important role in the life of an elderly person. With age our power of vision decreases. Their vision often blurs out. It becomes difficult for them to identify things from a distance.

Poor lighting often leads to distinguished choices. It affects the mood and behavior of a person. If a room is well lit, it impacts the choices made.

The lighting design has to be planned well in advance incase of senior citizens. Elderly people tend to get up at night and use the washroom frequently. It is necessary that you have lighting in the passageway so that they can see where they are going. Now keeping all the rooms lit is not advisable as it is disturbing while sleeping. So what is suggested is to install a motion sensor in these areas.
With age, elder people tend to forget things. As they have to use the washrooms frequently, they may forget to switch off the lights there. Installing motion sensors in areas such as bathrooms, passageways, etc. takes away the need to manually switch on/off the lights. The motion sensors help to turn the lights on/off based on movement.

Older adults who suffer from some or the other health diseases are under medication. They are prescribed pills to be taken at proper times. Now if the area has improper lighting they would drop the pills on the floor. The medicines may be expensive and losing it would cost them a lot. Also their hands tremble, so there is a higher risk of dropping things down. These things can be taken care of by appropriate lighting.

This may be a hidden truth but there are people who are afraid of the dark. Some people can’t sleep in complete darkness. With automated lighting solutions, you can dim the lights as per your requirement. Also people who suffer from sleep dysfunction and sleep walk, it is always safe to keep the lights ON so that they can locate objects easily on the way.

The most important of all things here is that their mobility is restricted. After they cross a certain age, they are unable to get up often to turn on/off the lights. Having a caregiver 24x7 may not be affordable to all. To this, there are remote control solutions which can be operated easily in which there is no need for manual intervention.

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